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Driving to Sustainability!

Join us on Thursday, November 9th

Drive into the world of green vehicles! Learn what you need to know about modern incentives for electric vehicles used the workplace. The Green Commercial Vehicle Program is currently in review by Ontario's Ministry of Transportation.

This webinar is part of an ongoing series about the Ontario Climate Change Action Plan.

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Holy Spirit CES joins growing Depave movement

Aurora school to remove pavement, plant trees and green space

On Thursday October 19th, Windfall Centre and Holy Spirit CES are hosting a Depave Event to transform the school's paved Kindergarten yard into vibrant green space. Staff, students, and parents will remove 130m2 of pavement by hand (and pry-bar) that will be replaced with native trees, shrubs, and gardens.

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General Motors plans for an "all electric future"

20 new electric vehicles to be released by 2023

Automotive giant General Motors announced the fast-approaching end to internal combustion vehicles by committing to a zero-emissions future. Plans for two new electric cars will be available for purchase by 2018.

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Cozy up to colder weather

Prepare your home for Fall and Winter

Insulating your basement and walls, upgrading the attic, sealing leaks and drafts, and showing your furnace some TLC are all ways to prepare your home for colder weather. Have one of our Registered Home Energy Experts audit your home and learn how to reduce heating and cooling costs, and access available grants and incentives.

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Prepare your home for winter with an energy audit

Save money and energy while staying warm and cozy

With the weather getting colder, now is the perfect time to have a Windfall Home Energy Audit with one of our Registered Home Energy Experts. Learn how you can make your home more comfortable and energy efficient this winter, as well as what rebates and incentive are available in your area.

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Ontario launches the Green Ontario Fund

New fund will help people save money and fight climate change

The Green Ontario Fund - a new not-for-profit provincial agency ‚Äč- will deliver programs and rebates to help reduce energy costs in homes and businesses. Windfall Centre is a delivery agent for a number of these programs within the Greater Toronto Area, York Region and Durham Region.

For more information about the programs that Windfall Centre delivers, please visit our Energy Page.

Learn about the Green Ontario Fund

Harvest Festival celebrates Ontario's diversity

The outdoor family event was held on Sunday, September 24th

Windfall Harvest Festival

People from near and far ventured into Sheppard's Bush on the sunny fall day to take part in Windfall Center's celebration of Ontario's food, land and people. Thank you to Ontario 150 and Healthy Kids Community Challenge for making it possible and to all the exhibitors, special guests, volunteers, community partners and attendees for making it such a special and successful event.

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New incentives for home energy upgrades

Electrically heated homes are eligible for an additional $4,000

Qualified home owners can now earn up to $6,355 in incentives for making eligible energy efficiency improvements to their homes through the Enbridge Home Energy Conservation Program. Additional incentives are now available for electrically heated homes.

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