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Sustainability and Small Business

Read blog series on how SMEs can overcome barriers to sustainability

Latest: Shortening project payback period

ClimateWise has published two blogs on our ongoing series about how SMEs can overcome barriers to entry for sustainability projects. Read how to find funding support, shrink project payback periods and overcome a lack of staff time or resources by reading the series today.

Read the ClimateWise blog series

Latest blog: How to shorten the payback period of projects

CME SMART Green Fund Seminar

ClimateWise invited as special presenting guests

Thursday, March 9th 2017 - 8:am to 11:am

CME hosted an information session in Markham on Thursday, March 9th about the new CME SMART Green Funding program available to manufacturers for capital projects that improve energy efficiency. ClimateWise was invited as a special guest to speak about the benefits of sustainability to York Region manufacturers.

Learn more about the CME SMART Green Fund

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ClimateWise welcomes 3 new members

Welcome to SRS Consultants, HiGarden and Nature Harmony

ClimateWise Business Network welcomes three new members: SRS Consultants, HiGarden Inc. and Nature Harmony. As members of the professional services and environmental industry, our members are leading the sustainability movement in York Region and join a growing network of business leaders realizing the benefits of going green.

Making sustainability work for SMEs

ClimateWise blog series on sustainability and small business

The ClimateWise Business Network is publishing a series of blogs addressing the barriers to entry for sustainability projects experienced by SMEs, the support that exists to implement and monitor projects and the benefits and returns typically seen when projects are completed.

Read about how SMES make sustainability work today

Funding energy efficiency projects

Free lunch seminar

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 — 12:noon to 2:pm

Vaughan City Hall, MPR Room

New funding is available to subsidize the cost of energy efficiency projects. This event will help business owners and financial managers understand the business case for energy efficiency and sustainability, and learn how to fund their projects.

Event details and registration

From Harvard Business Review

The comprehensive business case for sustainability

Executives are often reluctant to place sustainability core to their company's business strategy in the mistaken belief that the costs outweigh the benefits. On the contrary, academic research and business experience point to quite the opposite.

Read the full article

Find more on sustainability in our Resource section

ClimateWise volunteer opportunity

Searching for business development researcher

ClimateWise is seeking a business development research volunteer to provide support on industry-targeted outreach campaigns and market research efforts. Must be a post-secondary student passionate about sustainability issues.

Visit Volunteer page to learn more

Target setting for sustainable buildings

ClimateWise in the news

Canadian Property Management Magazine has published an article about ClimateWise. The article discusses target setting in corporate sustainability, the role of the BEEP and how ClimateWise is helping businesses in York Region.

Read the full article here

Assessing facility energy performance

How energy audits and EBCx drive savings

ClimateWise webinar slides

Learn how building owners and managers can optimize their facility's energy performance and see how EBCx and energy audits can drive deeper savings in your facilities from guest speakers Scott Rouse, Michel Parent and Curtis Leishman.

See ClimateWise Webinar Slides here

News Archives

Supply chains: the missing link in sustainability

Capitalizing on projected growth in the consumer market

New ClimateWise article

A 2016 report from global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company expects the consumer goods market to grow annually for the next 10 to 15 years. Though the strong growth projection is great news — the report singles out that a lack of supply chain sustainability could slow a company's growth and diminish profits.

Full article: Supply chain sustainability

CME SMART Fund Seminar

ClimateWise Business Network to present

Thursday, March 8th, 2017, 8:30-10:30am

Hilton Toronto/Markham Suites Conference Centre

Learn about the new CME SMART Green funding program for Ontario manufacturers at this free breakfast event exploring who can apply for funding, what types of projects are eligible and how to apply. ClimateWise has been invited as a special guest and will be presenting a case study on how manufacturers can benefit from sustainability.

Event Details and Registration

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The value of green buildings

How asset value increases with sustainability investments

New ClimateWise white paper

ClimateWise has published a new white paper on the Value of Green Buildings. The paper discusses how commercial and residential buildings can increase tenant engagement, improve energy efficiency and how asset value increases with sustainability investments and labelling initiatives, such as LEED certification.

Download white paper: The value of green buildings

Visit our resources section for more on business sustainability

IESO offers funding for Community Energy Plans

ECB Program updates funding requirements and categories

The IESO has updated the requirements of the ECB program to include funding of up to $100,000 for the development and implementation of a Community Energy Plan. New requirements that increase accessibility and revise program offerings can be found on the IESO website.

To learn more or apply today, visit the IESO

New ClimateWise resource section

We've added a new Resource section to our website. This is where you will find helpful resources such as ClimateWise white papers and case studies. Check this section often as we will be continually adding new resources to help you set and meet in your emissions reduction targets.

ClimateWise resources

Free ClimateWise webinar

Assessing Your Facility's Energy Performance

Wednesday, December 14, 2016 — 10:am to 11:30am

ClimateWise Business Network is hosting a webinar on Assessing Your Facility's Energy Performance. On Wednesday December 14th at 10:am, learn from Energy@Work, Technosim and PowerStream how Existing Building Commissioning (ECBx) and energy audits can drive deeper cost savings in your facilities.

Full webinar details

Looking at the York Region BEEP

Business Energy and Emissions Profile for York Region, Ontario

New ClimateWise white paper

ClimateWise has published a white paper on the York Region Business Energy and Emissions Profile (BEEP). The white paper outlines the value of municipal-level data and clearly explains how businesses and communities within York Region can use the publicly-accessible BEEP.

Download white paper: York Region BEEP

View the online BEEP dashboard

Free ClimateWise webinar

What does Cap and Trade mean for your business

Thursday, October 27, 2016 — 10:am to 11:30am

Ontario's Cap and Trade legislation comes into effect in January 2017. ClimateWise is hosting a free webinar that will provide an overview of the legislation and a discussion of it's impacts on Ontario business. The webinar will include guest speakers and examples of businesses using carbon pricing to their advantage.

Ontario Cap and Trade webinar

ClimateWise launch featured in the Auroran

There are all kinds of examples of businesses big and small that are actually beginning to understand that sustainability practices in their business is good business because they've learned it improves their bottom line and it has an impact on employee retention and recruitment and overall brand and imaging.

Read the full story in the Auroran

Windfall Centre releases York Region BEEP

York Region Business Energy and Emissions Profile

Providing insights into York Region's carbon emissions

The York Region Business Energy and Emissions Profile (BEEP) is a study of greenhouse gas emissions generated by York Region businesses. The study was commissioned by the Windfall Ecology Centre to gain insight and to engage businesses in improving profitability through emissions reduction.

View the online BEEP Dashboard

Canada to impose nationwide carbon price

Canada will impose a carbon price on provinces that do not adequately regulate emissions by themselves, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna stated.

Read the full story

Why ClimateWise Business Network

Making carbon measuring cost efficient for all organizations

We cannot manage, what we do not measure

Unfortunately, many in business and other organizations find the prospect of carrying out carbon measuring and reporting to be a rather daunting task. The cost of a premium carbon accounting program can seem prohibitive and the learning-curve and expense of hiring consultants beyond their means.

The ClimateWise advantage

ClimateWise Launches

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Climatewise Launch Party

York Region joins ClimateWise Founding Partners

Lake Simco Region Conservation Authority PowerStream City of Vaughan City of Vaughan

Lowering emissions and saving money

Watch how our CoLab partners are improving their bottom-line

Become a Founding Member of ClimateWise

All organizations that support Windfall Centre/ClimateWise with at least $10,000 of initial project funding will forever be identified as Founding Members. We're gearing-up for our September Launch so this is a great time to get in on the ground floor with some additional Founding Member benefits.

More on Founding Members

ClimateWise sets Launch Date for September 20, 2016

Please mark September 20, 4:pm to 7:pm in your calendar and be our guest as we officially launch the ClimateWise Business Network. There will be a Key Note speaker, great food, networking, and a showcase of our Founding Partners and first members. Stay tuned for more event news!

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ClimateWise finalizes Reduction Framework

Well, not really. We are still engaged in consultations regarding the target setting framework...your comments are welcome.

ClimateWise Reduction Framework

ClimateWise receives Start-up Funding

We thank the Ontario Trillium Foundation for providing start-up funding for our regional initiative supporting our business community in taking deliberate actions to benefit the environment.

More on Trillium Foundation funding

CoLab receives Minister's Award for Excellence

Sustainability CoLab was announced as a recipient of the Ministers Award for Environmental Excellence for 2015, the supporting programs in CoLab Network that are helping businesses reduce their environmental impacts and building the low-carbon economy.

Visit Sustainability CoLab

Sustainability CoLab receives provincial funding

The province of Ontario continues to put its new Climate Change Strategy into action by investing $1 million from the Green Investment Fund in Kitchener's Sustainability CoLab Network.

With this investment, CoLab will fund local environmental organizations in their network to help businesses undertake initiatives such as introducing energy-efficiency measures and completing energy retrofits and building audits. Sustainability CoLab expects to help program participants reduce about 50,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions by the end of 2017.

About Sustainability CoLab