Enbridge Home Winterproofing Program

Goodbye Drafts. Hello Comfort.


new insulation, draft-proofing, smart thermostat

Whether you rent or own, you may qualify

Have a more comfortable home in both winter and summer

Save up to 30% on your energy use and lower your utility bills

The Home Winterproofing Program is absolutely free to all qualifying homes. Enbridge will pay for the cost of the energy efficiency improvements such as insulation and draft proofing measures. These energy efficiency measures will help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, while lowering your energy costs!

All work done by experienced professionals

Possible improvements include:


Including caulking and weatherstripping around doors, windows, headers, baseboards, and attic hatches

Insulation work:

including insulation in wood-framed wall cavities and crawl spaces, attics and basement walls

Smart Thermostat:

A convenient money-saving way to control your home's temperature

How to Qualify

In order to qualify for this program:

  • Your home must have been built prior to 1980
  • You must heat your home with natural gas
  • You must have a valid Enbridge Gas account number
  • You must pay your own natural gas bill and meet one of the following two conditions:
  1. Your household benefits from one or more of the following programs:
    • Ontario Works
    • Ontario Disability Support Program
    • Guaranteed Income Supplement
    • Allowance for Seniors
    • Allowance for Survivors
    • Electric Utility Home Assistance Program (HAP)
    • Healthy Smiles Ontario Child Dental Program
    • Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)
    • Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP)
  2. Your household income (before tax income of all household members 18 years or older) is no more than the amounts on this chart:

New for 2019: Increased allowable income:

Eligible Annual Household Income
Number of Permanent Household Occupants (age 18 and over) Total Before-Tax Annual Income of Permanent Household Occupants (age 18 and over)
One Occupant $34,206
Two Occupants $42,584
Three Occupants $52,353
Four Occupants $63,563
Five Occupants $72,093
Six Occupants $81,308
Seven or more Occupants $90,524

How to Apply

You can apply online:

Apply Online

Just 4 simple steps to FREE energy-saving upgrades



Submit your application to Windfall Centre. If you have any questions call us at 1-866-280-4431. Once your application is approved, we will contact you to schedule an EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation with a Registered Energy Advisor.


Free Home Energy Evaluation

The Home Energy Evaluation is conducted on-site at your home and takes approximately 2–3 hours. The Energy Advisor will perform a detailed, basement to attic, audit of your house — it's energy use, systems, and building envelope. There is no charge for the evaluation.


Free Energy Saving Upgrades

Your home must be able to achieve a minimum level of energy savings in order to qualify for the program. This will be determined by the Home Energy Evaluation. If your home qualifies, experienced contractors will return at a later date to make the upgrades to your home at no charge to you!


Free Follow-up Energy Evaluation

A few weeks after the work is complete, the Home Energy Advisor will return for a follow-up evaluation of your home. This second evaluation will ensure all upgrades were completed properly and determine the new EnerGuide Rating for your house.

At no time will you be asked for money. At no time will you have to pay. The Enbridge Winterproofing Program is completely free-of-charge for qualifying homes.

If you have any questions, call us toll free at:



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