Legacy Program — we no longer do solar Installations

About Windfall Solar

Why Choose Windfall

A Non-Profit Community Service Organization

As a non-profit community service organization we measure our success by your satisfaction and your solar systems contribution to a sustainable future for our children. We make sure that by the time you choose Windfall Solar as your solar service provider you understand your options and alternatives and benefit from the latest developments from a pioneer and leader in the field. You will receive clear, un-exaggerated assessments of your solar systems energy and financial potential prepared using the best assessment tools available.

Turnkey Solutions

Installing a solar system can be a complex process which is why we provide a worry free turnkey service for our clients. We have years of experience completing energy projects in some of the most demanding conditions in the Near and Far North for equally demanding clients including the Ontario Power Authority, Hydro One Networks, Environment Canada, and many First Nation Communities.

Logistics, Passion, Commitment

We bring our logistics prowess, passion for a sustainable world, and commitment to excellence to your project as well.

Windfall Solar provides trusted advice, management, engineering, and turnkey solar panel installation services to its residential, farm, and community-owned renewable energy project clients in Ontario.

Who We Are

Re-powering Communities

Windfall Solar is the social enterprise division of Windfall Ecology Centre, a non-profit environmental services organization dedicated to building sustainable communities. The creation of Windfall was inspired by a vision of healthy communities, where economic, social, and environmental needs achieve balance through social innovation, community partnership, and community action. The Centre's activities focus on re-powering communities to create lasting wealth in a carbon constrained 21st century. Windfall Ecology Centre is known for innovation in the design and integration of public policy and education initiatives. We design and deliver community-based energy efficiency, renewable energy, transportation, and water protection programs.

Central Role

Since 1998 Windfall has played a central role in the development of Ontario's renewable energy sector. In 2001 Windfall founder and Executive Director, Brent Kopperson co-founded the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association and served as its Chair for 5 years until co-founding and Chairing the Community Power Fund. These organizations worked together with other stakeholders and the Government of Ontario in the creation of the Green Energy and Economy Act — the backbone of Ontario's green energy revolution.

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Back in 2002, Windfall designed and delivered its first renewable energy and energy efficiency training program and has been building upon that vital heritage ever since. Today, Windfall's renewable energy training is delivered by another dedicated division... REpower Ontario. In 2008 Windfall was selected by the Toronto Atmospheric Fund, an agency of the City of Toronto, to design and delivery a Solar Assessment program for its Solar Neighbourhoods Initiative.