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Windfall Solar Testimonials

Alex and the Windfall team were great. They paid great attention to the project, they stuck to their quote, and they made the entire process quite simple and straight-forward. We had 12 panels installed on the roof of our home back in January of 2010. Our system was connected to the grid in March of 2010. The system seems to be working quite well, producing energy at a rate that is perhaps slightly above the original estimate.

Art Lightstone

Hi Alex. Hope you're doing well. We have now gone through 1 year of solar. I keep a detailed account of the performance of the system. Your initial estimate of income of $11,522 for year 1 was based upon 53 panels; you installed 52 panels. Our actual income was $11,792. December through March produced less than the estimate, primarily due to snow cover. This October also produced less. Just wanted to give you this feedback. We're satisfied customers!

Janis & Doug

Alex, you may have wondered why you have not heard from me since you installed solar panels on my roof. This is because I am a VERY satisfied customer! In only 7 months of operation my panels have produced a 10% return on my total solar investments (which was my 12 months goal).

I am also very pleased with the performance of the panels on my west roof. I only expected 80% or less output from these panels (as they do not get any direct sunlight until close to 1pm). However, they are producing far better, and on average are even doing better than the south facing panels on my garage roof (presumably because my garage roof in a lower slope). Shadowing in not significantly different.

Feel free to use my installation as a reference.

Best wishes, and thanks again for a great job.

P.S. In case anyone asks, this is an un-solicited letter of thanks.

Bill Chadwick, 195 Forsyth road, Newmarket, Ont. L3Y 7Y2

We are extremely happy with our new microfit solar system on our garage roof. Alex Kopperson of Windfall Ecology was excellent to deal with - quick response on all our questions and concerns, carried through with the complicated process and we are now generating more energy than anticipated. We felt confident in using Windfall Ecology as our installer and we were right to choose them.  We watch our system's productivity daily - accessible online 24/7. It took longer than anticipated to complete the whole installation up to generation, and there were a few hiccups along the way but it was well worth the wait. We are very glad we did this and look forward to generating energy for the next 20 years+.

Pam Fulford, Brechin On

I just wish to thank you and your installation team for their highly professional and timely installation of our rooftop solar panel system. It was reassuring, that you provided all the assistance in verifying our application and all the necessary paperwork and site approvals that went along with completing our installation in a smooth and timely manner. Your installation staff, were efficient and maintained a clean work site at all times. To your credit, during the installation, a community college chose my installation to demonstrate to their students proper installation methods. The Enphase computer tracking system works superbly and provides up to date energy production data. It's also more reassuring that you are also monitoring my system at the same time. Before selecting Windfall Ecology as the installer I fully researched a number of other solar installation firms and yours was by far the most professional and trustworthy and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others wishing to pursue a solar panel system.

David Bergart, Thornill, Ontario

I would like to say how pleased I am with the installation of my solar panel system through Windfall Ecology.  They did the installation efficiently and, in fact, went above and beyond what was required of them. I cannot say enough about how impressed I was, and how happy I am with the finished product.

I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in a solar panel investment. We do our natural/ecological environment much good in saving our forests and helping this planet we live on.  The investment is proving to be more than worth it. It is a win-win situation in a class of its own, and Windfall Ecology is right up there with the best of them.

Janette Morrison