About Windfall

Windfall Staff and Directors

Founder and Executive Director

Brent R. Kopperson

The creation of Windfall was inspired by a vision of healthy communities, where economic, social, and environmental needs achieve balance through social innovation, community partnership, and community action.

Brent Kopperson's Biography

Board of Directors

Michael Lewkowitz, Chair
President, Igniter
Paul Charbonneau
President, Energy Advocates
Neetika Sathe
Vice President Corporate Development, PowerStream
Helen Doyle
Manager of Environmental Health, York Region
Jose Etcheverry, PhD.
Associate Professor, York University Faculty of Environmental Studies
Co-Chair, Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI)

Staff Directory

Jen Atkinson
Managing Director
Extension: 111
E-mail: jatkinson@windfallcentre.ca
Andrea Fallone
Program Manager
Extension: 167
E-Mail: afallone@windfallcentre.ca
Jodi Cain
Financial Administrator
Extension: 124
E-Mail: jcain@windfallcentre.ca
Gemma Goldstein 
HKCC Program Coordinator 
Extension: 114
Email: ggoldstein@windfallcentre.ca


Toronto: 416.465.6333
Toll Free: 1.866.280.4431
Fax: 289.648.4106

Windfall Centre helps build sustainable communities through our programs, community power projects and advocacy efforts. Over 60 volunteers assist with the delivery of community programming and the annual Windfall Ecology Festival.