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Greener Homes Grants FAQ's

Government of Canada

Canada Greener Homes Grants

Frequently Asked Questions

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Top 10 Canada Greener Homes Questions


What is the cost and estimated time of a Canada Greener Homes Energy Evaluation?

The cost of the Canada Greener Homes pre-evaluation is $450+HST and takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete. The cost of the Canada Greener Homes post-evaluation is $230+HST and will take approximately 1 hour to complete. Someone must be present in the home during this time.


Do I pay the Energy Evaluation costs for a Canada Greener Homes grant?

You will be reimbursed for the cost of both the pre and post evaluation ($600) once you have completed the Canada Greener Homes program. But all costs are initially paid out of pocket. We accept Visa or Mastercard, and the payment is processed over the phone a week prior to your evaluation date.


How much money will I be reimbursed for the Canada Greener Homes grants?

Reimbursements comprise $600 towards the evaluation costs and up to $5000 towards eligible upgrades such as attic, wall and basement insulation, windows and doors, air sealing, solar panels and electric heat pump systems. Please note; you are required to complete at least one eligible retrofit to receive any Canada Greener Homes reimbursement, and each retrofit has a predetermined allowance.


When will I receive reimbursement for the Canada Greener Homes grants?

Not until after renovations are complete and all documents and receipts are submitted to the online portal. You will receive a cheque in the mail from the federal government.


Is there a time-frame for when I need to complete the Canada Greener Homes upgrades?

No, there has been no announced timeline for when you need to have your upgrades or post-evaluation completed. The Canada Greener Homes program is intended to run from 2021-2028 and will provide up to 700,000 grants, so you will need to complete your upgrades before the program ends or runs out of available grants.


What if the Canada Greener Homes Energy Advisor doesn't have any upgrades to recommend, or if I don’t like the recommendations?

Even in new homes, there can be recommendations to upgrade to higher efficiency windows, a heat pump system or even solar. For this reason, the advisor should have no problem making anywhere from 1-8 recommendations. Since you are only required to complete one retrofit measure to qualify for the Canada Greener Homes grant, it shouldn’t be a problem finding an eligible upgrade you wish to proceed with. If you have an upgrade in mind, please let us know ahead of time so the advisor can tailor their recommendations based on your preferences.


Does Windfall Home Energy provide the homeowners with a contractor or a contractor recommendation for Canada Greener Homes upgrades?

Windfall Home Energy provides you with independent third-party advice and is not involved in your contractor selection. That said, we do have a Participating Contractor’s list on our website. This is a tool to help you begin your search for reputable contractors in your areas, but the choices are yours to make.


Does the Canada Greener Homes grant cover furnace or air conditioning upgrades?

No, traditional natural gas burning furnaces and air conditioning units are not covered. Only electric heat pump systems are eligible for Canada Greener Homes grant reimbursement. Many heat pump units provide both heating and cooling and offer higher efficiency and emit less greenhouse gases that traditional gas furnaces.


Are all models of windows/doors eligible for the Canada Greener Homes?

No, only specific Energy Star Certified models with a rating of 34 or higher are eligible for Canada Greener Homes grants. For specific qualifying models, please visit: Natural Resources Canada. Most contractors are now familiar with the grant and can assist you in choosing the qualifying models.


Does the Canada Greener Homes grant cover roofing, garage, or porch retrofits?

No, only upgrades that impact the interior envelope of the home are included in the Canada Greener Homes grants. Replacing shingles, adding insulation to the garage, and upgrading porch windows are not eligible retrofits.

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