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Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate Plus

Combined federal and provincial incentives including Canada Greener Homes

Get over $10,000 in Cash-back Rebates

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Program closed due to a Federal lapse of funding

The Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate Plus (HER+) program has been closed as of February 5, 2024, due to a Federal lapse of funding. Because of this, we are unable to enter new applicants for participation in the HER+ program.

We do continue to schedule pre-retrofit EnerGuide evaluations for enrollment in the Canada Greener Homes Loan program alongside municipal loans and incentives. Additionally, post-retrofit evaluations to claim rebates for completed work also continue.

The Government of Canada intends to establish a next phase in their Canada Greener Homes Initiative. More information can be found in their news release. If you would like to express your concern in the closure of home energy incentives, consider sending a letter to the Federal government.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Enbridge Gas no longer accepting new applicants for HER+ ?

Given the high demand for the program and the number of households that have participated, Enbridge has filled all available spots earlier than expected with regard to the joint funding between Enbridge Gas and the Canada Greener Homes Grant.

I have already completed my pre-retrofit energy assessment, does this update impact me?

No, if you have already completed your pre-retrofit energy assessment by February 5, 2024, this does not impact you. Your pre-retrofit energy assessment should already be documented in our system.

What if my pre-retrofit energy assessment is scheduled after February 5, 2024?

Currently, Enbridge is only accepting pre-retrofit energy assessments completed on or before February 5, 2024. If you have a pre-retrofit energy assessment scheduled after February 5, 2024, you do not qualify for HER+ rebates as it is past the cut-off date.

How does this update to the HER+ program intake affect Canada Greener Homes Loan applications?

There is no impact to Canada Greener Homes Loan applications. Homeowners who wish to participate in the program can still book a home energy evaluation with us, which is required in order to create a loan application.

Home energy assessments

Up to $600

A required first step to determine which upgrades are right for your home.

Home insulation

Up to $10,000

Improve comfort, reduce energy costs and prevent moisture damage with attic, foundation, wall and exposed floor insulation.

Air sealing

Up to $1,300

Eliminate drafts, improve air quality and save energy with draft proofing.

Windows and doors

Up to $325 for each

High-performance windows prevent condensation and eliminate drafts.

Space and water heating

Up to $7,800

ENERGY STAR® certified hot water heat pumps use up to 70 percent less energy. Ground source, air source and domestic hot water heat pumps qualify.

Smart thermostats

Up to $125*

Boost comfort and reduce costs by saving energy automatically.


Up to $5,000

Generate your own power and reduce dependence on the grid. Solar panels and batteries qualify.


Up to $1,650

Protect your home from climate change events, such as fires and floods.

Get your rebates in 3 simple steps...


Call Windfall Home Energy at 1-866-280-4431 to pre-qualify your home. Our home energy experts will pre-qualify you over the phone and arrange for your (pre-upgrade) Home Energy Evaluation with a Registered Energy Advisor. The evaluation will take approximately 2–3 hours and your energy advisor will provide you with a written report and clearly explain all your incentive options.


Complete your qualifying upgrades. Your energy advisor will provide advice on which combination of upgrades will provide the best savings. When using a contractor for upgrades, we recommend getting at least three quotes before making a decision.


Complete the post-upgrade Home Energy Evaluation. Call Windfall Home Energy to arrange for your post-upgrade evaluation. The post-upgrade evaluation takes 1-2 hours. We will then submit your paperwork to Enbridge and you will receive your incentive cheque by mail, from Enbridge, within 8–12 weeks.

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A local non-profit organization with over 20 years experience in home-energy evaluations

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When you hire Windfall Home Energy you can be confident the advisor sent to your home is highly experienced, qualified, and a Natural Resources Canada Registered Energy Advisor.


If you decide to make your home more energy efficient, we will offer you the best possible advice and solutions based on your particular situation and budget.


As a non-profit organization we are committed to helping you reduce your energy costs, as much as possible for as little as possible, with independent and unbiased advice.

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