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Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate

Money for energy-saving upgrades

Get up to $5,000 back

When you complete 2 or more energy-saving upgrades

*If you are replacing a natural gas furnace as one of your upgrades 3 or more upgrades are required.

Key Home Efficiency Rebate Changes

As of March 2022

  • The following Limited Time Offer packages are available to customers who complete the listed upgrades between February 1st 2022 and June 30th 2022:
  • Package 1: Receive $1000 Rebate + $600 rebate for audit cost (Total $1,600) when you complete the following measures:
    • Attic Insulation
    • Achieve Air Sealing target
  • Package 2: Receive $1,400 Rebate + $600 rebate for audit cost (Total $2,000) when you complete the following measures:
    • Replace furnace
    • Attic Insulation
    • Achieve Air Sealing target
  • An Emergency Heating Replacement rule for “no heat” customers is in effect between October 15th, 2021 to March 31st, 2022. More information available here.

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Get even more back when you complete more than 2 upgrades

  • Complete 3 upgrades and receive an additional $150 total
  • Complete 4 upgrades and receive an additional $500 total
  • Complete 5 upgrades and receive an additional $750 total

To participate in the Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate you must meet the following requirements:

  • Live in a detached house, semi-detached house or row townhouse.
  • The residence must be heated by natural gas
  • The residence must be in the Enbridge Gas Franchise Service Area.
  • You must complete an energy assessment both before and after renovations take place.
  • You must complete at least two (2) eligible renovations/upgrades.

This program requires both a pre and post upgrade EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation. The total cost of the two evaluations is $680 + HST. Once you have successfully completed both evaluations, you will receive $550 back to cover the home evaluation cost. This is included as part of your total Enbridge incentive cheque.

Additional Services and Fees

How to Get Your Incentives



Call Windfall Home Energy at 1-866-280-4431 to pre-qualify your home. Our home energy experts will pre-qualify you over the phone and arrange for your (pre-upgrade) Home Energy Evaluation with a Registered Energy Advisor. The evaluation will take approximately 2–3 hours and your energy advisor will provide you with a written report and clearly explain all your incentive options.


Successfully complete at least 2 qualifying upgrades. Your energy advisor will provide advice on which combination of upgrades will provide the best savings. When using a contractor for upgrades, we recommend getting at least three quotes before making a decision.


Complete the post-upgrade Home Energy Evaluation within 120 days of your initial pre-upgrade evaluation. Call Windfall Home Energy to arrange for your post-upgrade evaluation. The post-upgrade evaluation takes 1-2 hours. We will then submit your paperwork to Enbridge and you will receive your incentive cheque by mail, from Enbridge, within 8–12 weeks.

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