Healthy Kids Aurora Ambassadors

Meet our latest Healthy Kids Ambassador September 2016


Aurora, Ontario

Charlotte our healthy kids Ambassador

Charlotte is a mom of 2 that lives in Aurora. Over the past 6 months she has worked on a variety of Healthy Kids projects and has inspired us. She loves taking part in healthy activities with her children and embraces technology and uses it sometimes as an enticement to getting her kids to be healthier. She is an avid Pokemon Go fan and can often be found in York Region nature trying to "hatch an egg" by walking kilometres with her kids in tow. She has a passion for volunteering, outdoor activities and healthy foods. We asked her some questions to find out why she is our next Healthy Kids Ambassador.


What inspires you to be healthy?


My kids inspire me to be healthy as I want them to be healthy in all different ways, mentally, socially, nutritionally and physically


What healthy activities do you and your family do?


We visit all the local parks and like to change things up. We go swimming and take part in local programs. We love Pokemon Go. We would love to go skating this winter. We also try to live sustainably and love the Farmers Market and going to Garage Sales instead of buying things new. We also volunteer at our school to give something back, which often ends up with us being active. We often do fun things outside at our house too from making candles to coming up with games for the trampoline.

I like to let my kids roam and explore and learn naturally. I encourage them to try new things even if they make them feel uncomfortable at first. My mentality is one never knows until one tries.


How do you eat healthily?


We make things in different ways to change things up, while also keeping healthy. My kids cook with me and though it takes time I feel that it is worth it. There is more chance of them eating a new food if they have cooked it with me and they also learn valuable skills for later on in life. They often come shopping with me and we walk when we can.


What would be some tips for other parents out there wanting to be healthy


Firstly, get involved in your school, you can do a world of good there. Secondly, involve your children in your healthy lifestyle from visiting outdoor areas to cooking healthy meals.

Be a Healthy Kids Ambassador

Throughout the year we will be featuring someone from the community who serves as a great example for our children by keeping active and eating healthy.

If you know somebody who would make a great Healthy Kids Ambassador — please submit their name for consideration.

Contact Gemma Goldstein:

Phone: 905-727-0491 ext. 114

Thanks for supporting us kids!

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