Windfall Programs

Working at the nexus of people, climate, energy, and water, we research, design, and deliver innovative climate change solutions. Our record of accomplishment includes achievements in public policy, energy conservation, renewable energy, electric mobility, water protection and leadership development.

Windfall Home Energy

Windfall Home Energy is dedicated to bringing you reliable home energy-saving solutions and residential energy efficiency programs. Licensed through Natural Resources Canada, our Registered Energy Advisors deliver EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluations and professional recommendations for homeowners looking to improve their home comfort and energy efficiency. Our energy-conservation programs include free upgrades, rebates, and incentives for homeowners and tenants across York and Durham Region, Peterborough, and the Greater Toronto Area.

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Stormwater Solutions

Storm Water Programming throughout York Region is delivered by Windfall Ecology Centre and features practical approaches to utilizing rain water and reducing pollutants and phosphorus in yards and community spaces. Our projects demonstrate how to creatively capture rain runoff (stormwater) and encourage large-scale community participation by residents, businesses and municipalities. The actions that are taken help prevent non-point sources of pollution through diversion, control and practical use of rainwater.

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ClimateWise Business Network

ClimateWise Business Network serves leading businesses and organizations who are addressing the climate crisis. Members are supported with educational opportunities; carbon accounting tools; and action plan development coaching that aids in setting achievable emission reduction targets. ClimateWise builds the business-case for sustainability by demonstrating how target-setting can improve the bottom line, help develop a credible brand, and enhance the ability to attract and retain consumers, shareholders, and top tier employees.

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Ontario Benchmarking Help Centre

The Ontario Benchmarking Help Centre (OBHC) is a service that assists building owners to report their building utility usage under Ontario's Energy and Water Reporting and Benchmarking (EWRB) initiative. The Help Centre assists building owners from across Ontario with a professional response to their technical questions on the use of the EWRB reporting tool Portfolio Manager. The Benchmarking Help Centre provides multiple points of access including on-line phone call appointment booking, email correspondence and spur of the moment telephone calls.

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Windfall Data Tools

Windfall Data Tool's Home Retrofit Performance Dashboards are designed to virtually assess energy retrofit performance, identify trends, segment marketing opportunities and benchmark progress at the neighbourhood level. Our Performance Dashboards highlight the powerful role home energy retrofits play in tackling the climate crisis. Created in cooperation with Natural Resources Canada, these interactive dashboards display the progress our communities are making in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the EnerGuide for Houses program.

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Drive Electric Ontario

Windfall Centre's low emission vehicle program started as Hybrid Alley in 2007 at the annual Windfall Ecology Festival. It showcased hybrid and electric vehicles and quickly grew over the years to include EV ride and drive events and school demonstrations. At Windfall Centre we walk the talk and purchased our first electric vehicle in 2012. In 2014 Windfall published Ontario's first macro economic study of the impact of electric vehicle adoption along with an innovative interactive greenhouse gas (GHG) emission calculator.

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Healthy Kids Community Challenge

Healthy Kids Community Challenge was a province wide initiative operating in 45 communities across Ontario. Windfall Centre was chosen to deliver the program in Aurora. The Healthy Kids Challenge used a community-led method to promote policies and programs facilitating healthier lives for our children, through increased physical activity, increased availability of nutritious foods, and an increased knowledge of nutrition.

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Windfall's Ecology & Harvest Festivals

In 2006, Organic Earth Magazine named the annual Windfall Ecology Festival one of Canada's Top 12 Green Events. This labour of love was one of Ontario's earliest sustainability events and ran for 14 consecutive years beginning in 2002. The outdoor festival took place in the Town of Newmarket's picturesque Fairy Lake Park and was billed as Ontario's most inclusive celebration of sustainable living. Taking place on the third weekend of June, the festival included over 100 exhibits of environmentally friendly products and services as well as seminars, guest speakers, live music, and special events, including the renowned Trash Fashion Show.