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This year, capture rain in a rain barrel... instead of your basement!

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Sale Ends June 30, 2023
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Many styles to choose from — prices range from $65 to $200 and includes free home delivery

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Free Home Delivery

We are pleased to offer free home delivery for tanks, barrels or composters and any accessories ordered with them.

Note: Orders of "accessories only" are subject to a flat $20 delivery fee.

Delivery Schedule

Rain barrel deliveries will begin the week of Tuesday July 4, 2023 and continue daily until complete.

Order rain barrels online

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Benefits of Rain Barrels

Ways to use your rain barrel:

  • Water your garden, grass and indoor plants.
  • Clean outdoor furniture and tools.
  • Moisten your compost bin when it’s drying up.

Why use a rain barrel:

  1. Save Money and Water: Using rain water instead of tap water for outdoor use, reduces your water bill.
  2. Protect Your Municipality Water Supply: Collecting water in your rain barrel slows it down from rushing into local lakes and rivers. This helps decrease storm runoff and the level of pollution going into local watersheds.
  3. Better Gardens: Improve the growth and vitality of your plants by feeding them rain water instead of tap water that has many chemicals including chlorine and fluoride.
  4. Reduce Risk of Basement Flooding: Disconnecting downspouts from your sewer drain and connecting them to your rain barrel reduces the risk of basement flooding. If your rain barrel begins to get full there is an overflow hose that carries water away from your house.

Rain Barrel Resources

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Rain Barrel Videos

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Rain barrel installation

Connecting rain barrels in series and downspout diverter demonstration

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