Windfall Centre Personnel

Founder and Executive Director

image: Brent Kopperson, Founder and Executive Director of Windfall Centre

Brent R. Kopperson

The creation of Windfall was inspired by a vision of healthy communities, where economic, social, and environmental needs achieve balance through social innovation, community partnership, and community action.

Brent Kopperson, Founder and Executive Director, Windfall Ecology Centre

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Windfall Team

image: Kyle Mennie

Kyle Mennie

Director of Operations

Kyle Mennie is the Director of Operations at Windfall Ecology Centre, whose passion for promoting environmentally sustainable communities has led to his blossoming career. He holds an HBA in Geography and Environmental Management from the University of Waterloo, with a Minor in Biology and Diploma of Excellence in GIS. With a diverse background in Protected Areas Conservation, Outdoor Education, Geographic Information Systems, and Environmental Consulting, Kyle plays a multifaced role at Windfall, designing and delivering innovative climate change solutions for energy efficiency and stormwater management.

image: Jodi Cain

Jodi Cain

Financial Administrator

Jodi has a successful career in Finance, spanning over three decades both in for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. Although she initially had her sights on Art and Art History, Jodi switched to Accounting, which has availed her with a rewarding and impressive portfolio of experience from working in different capacities in Finance. After years in the for-profit space, she changed focus to not-for-profit, leading to her journey at Windfall Centre, which started over ten years ago. As Financial Administrator at Windfall Centre, Jodi has successfully navigated many of our projects, including executing daily financial duties, performing required reporting and managing our general office requirements. She is very passionate about her family, nature and environmental protection.

image: Lolade Odeyemi

Lolade Odeyemi

Manager, Digital Communications

Lolade is an astute Marketing Communications professional with a breadth of experience in Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Web publishing, and Digital Marketing. As Manager, Digital Communications, she oversees and executes Windfall Centre's general and program-specific Communication and Digital Marketing Strategy. Lolade holds a B.Sc. in Mass Communication from Covenant University, Nigeria, and an MBA in Management Specialization from the University of St Mark and St John, England. Her foray into the Communications field began over eight years ago in Nigeria, where she took on cross-functional roles as a Public Relations Executive and Content Developer at Mediacraft Associates Limited. Following laudable feats on the job, she rose to the position of Senior Editor, Communication & Content Strategist. Lolade is a creative who embraces every opportunity to improve her craft. As such, she volunteers as a Chief Editor for a startup. Outside work life, she indulges in Arts and crafts as her pastime.

image: Bart Li

Bart Li

Data Science Associate

Bart holds a BMath (Hons) degree in Actuarial Science(Finance Option) and Statistics from the University of Waterloo and an MSc in Statistics from the University of Toronto. Before joining Windfall Centre as Data Science Associate, Bart participated in numerous financial research projects, supporting the projects with his statistical, programming, and analytical skills and expertise. Bart is passionate about data science and sustainability and enjoys providing suitable and effective climate change solutions through proper data analysis on societal and environmental data. He thrives on helping communities by offering data science support in community projects. In addition, he is interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is eager to connect the AI-based business applications to Windfall Centre’s daily operations.

image: Harry French

Harry French

Program Manager, ClimateWise Business Network

Harry, Program Manager for ClimateWise Business Network at Windfall Centre, prides himself on his unwavering determination to drive climate change and environmental reformations through strategic efforts that guide businesses on adopting sustainability solutions. Consequently, he specializes in facilitating collaborative solutions focused on enhancing community well-being and improving business productivity. Harry draws from a wealth of experiences in public, private and not-for-profit sectors. His enviable track record also comprises past job roles as Assistant Deputy Minister in the Ontario government and Vice President of Planning at the York Region-based national consulting firm Marshall Macklin Monaghan. Harry was also the Director, Community Power Services Group at the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association and Research Director at the Conference Board of Canada.

image: Audrey Bayens

Audrey Bayens

Program Coordinator, ClimateWise Building Challenge

Audrey is the Program Coordinator for the ClimateWise Building Challenge at Windfall Centre. She is a brilliant sustainability marketing professional with years of remarkable experience and skills leading team projects in a fast-paced environment. Her overall expertise has seen her make tremendous strides in managing projects and executing her duties, focusing on data-led messaging to the Windfall team. Before Windfall, she was the Marketing Manager at TELUS for thirteen years and owned a graphic design business. Audrey recently acquired her Greenhouse Gas Inventory Accounting Certification through the CSA Group. Outside of Windfall, Audrey works on a Passive House project and focuses on the Circular Economy movement. In addition, she serves as Toronto Chapter organizer for the global Circular Economic club, alongside actively volunteering in her community, where she has led multiple successful sustainability projects.

image: DJ Singh

Divjot (DJ) Singh

Home Energy Program Coordinator

DJ is the Energy program Coordinator at Windfall Centre. He holds a B.Tech degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and PG certifications in Energy and Sustainability Management. Dj is well on his way to bagging a Master's degree in Environment and Business from the University of Waterloo. Before joining us, he worked on energy conservation projects for Toronto Community Housing and the Toronto Zoo and worked extensively as an Energy Auditor for the Save On Energy programs. Despite his educational background in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, DJ is very enthusiastic about environmental development and sustainability actions. He thrives on finding lasting solutions to a cleaner economy through sustainability initiatives and effective engagement strategies with his curious and innovative mind.

image: Eric Lam

Eric Lam

Home Energy Program Coordinator

Eric, an environmental development enthusiast, holds a BA(Hons) in Environmental and Urban Sustainability from Ryerson University. He recently launched his career in the Environmental sustainability sphere as 'Home Energy Program Coordinator' at Windfall Centre. Although seemingly new to the professional side of things, Eric possesses substantial practical knowledge of the field, which he applies to his job. Passionate about 'all things' climate change solutions and environmental sustainability, Eric anticipates a fulfilling career alongside his current focus of bringing energy efficiency to his community. He is also very keen on animal conservation and plans to take on the challenge as a pet project while progressively building his career here at Windfall Centre.

Board of Directors

Michael Lewkowitz, Chair

Founding Partner at Possibilian Ventures

Jose Etcheverry, PhD.

Associate Professor & Member of the Board of Governors at York University

Neetika Sathe

Vice President, Green Energy and Technology (GRE&T) Centre at Alectra

Helen Doyle, B.Sc., C.P.H.I.(C),

Environmental Health Workgroup Chair, Ontario Public Health Association

Nicole Arsenault

Program Director, Sustainability at York University

Brent Kopperson

Executive Director, Windfall Ecology Centre