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Founder and Executive Director

image: Brent Kopperson, Founder and Executive Director of Windfall Centre

Brent R. Kopperson

The creation of Windfall was inspired by a vision of healthy communities, where economic, social, and environmental needs achieve balance through social innovation, community partnership, and community action.

Brent Kopperson, Founder and Executive Director, Windfall Ecology Centre

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Windfall Team

image: Jodi Cain Financial

Jodi Cain

Financial Administrator

Jodi has successfully worked in finance in various roles in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors for over three decades. Having started off with plans of art and art history, Jodi changed her focus to include accounting, nature, environmental protection and her family — as well as changing her career to focus on the not-for-profit sector. Working for the past 10+ years at Windfall Centre, Jodi has successfully navigated many of our projects, including managing the daily financial functions and required reporting, plus managing our general office requirements.

image: Harry French

Harry French

Program Manager, ClimateWise Business Network

Harry is the Program Manager for ClimateWise Business Network at Windfall Ecology Centre. In the areas of sustainability and climate change action, Harry specializes in facilitating collaborative solutions focused on enhancing community well being and improving business productivity. Harry draws from a wealth of experiences in the public, private and not for profit sectors. He was an Assistant Deputy Minister in the Ontario government, a Vice President of Planning in at the York Region based, national consulting firm Marshall Macklin Monaghan , Director Community Power Services Group at the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association and a Research Director at the Conference Board of Canada.

image: Audrey Bayens

Audrey Bayens

Event Coordinator, ClimateWise Business Network

Marketing relationship professional who connects environmentally responsible business with consumers that are seeking sustainable lifestyle. Visionary and team lead on projects that require ability to present analytics and case studies that support required funding needed for launch. Deliver project management skills, detail-oriented work back schedules, and team role assignments to execute projects. Monitor and report metrics to demonstrate success at significant milestones, which enables continued funding and support from management.

image: Vicky-Luk

Vicky Luk

Program Manager, Energy Efficiency

Vicky is the Energy Efficiency Program Manager at Windfall Ecology Centre. Vicky has an Honours BA in Environmental Studies, Political Science and Criminology from University of Toronto. With Vicky's passion for environmental sustainability and international development, she has been an active volunteer for a variety of local and global organizations, such as Toronto Wildlife Centre, Amnesty International Canada, and OXFAM Canada. Since graduating, Vicky has been heavily focused on working directly with the community on green buildings, renewable energy and residential energy efficiency programs. Outside of Windfall, you can find Vicky playing with her cat, exercising, and exploring the outdoors.

image: Kyle Mennie

Kyle Mennie

Energy Resources Coordinator, Energy Efficiency

Kyle is the Energy Efficiency Resources Coordinator at Windfall Ecology Centre. Kyle has an Honours BA in Geography and Environmental Management at the University of Waterloo, and his past experience includes Protected Areas Conservation, Outdoor Education, Geographic Information Systems, and Environmental Consulting. Kyle plays a multifaceted role at Windfall, supporting homeowners through Home Energy programs, building owners through the Ontario Benchmarking Help Centre, and policy makers through Windfall's Data Tools. Kyle is passionate about promoting environmentally sustainable communities through energy efficient improvements that tackle climate change

image: Kerstin Mayer

Kerstin Mayer

Energy Program Analyst and Coordinator

Kerstin received a BA from Western University in Environmental Science and is currently completing a MSc in Global Energy and Climate Policy. She is passionate about bringing widespread change to our economy and society through Environmental Policy with a focus on the Energy sector. Kerstin has previously worked in the Recycling Industry as well as for the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change where she focused on Environmental Compliance. Outside of work and education, Kerstin enjoys working out, spending time outside and reading.

Board of Directors

Michael Lewkowitz, Chair

Founding Partner at Possibilian Ventures

Jose Etcheverry, PhD.

Associate Professor & Member of the Board of Governors at York University

Neetika Sathe

Vice President, Green Energy and Technology (GRE&T) Centre at Alectra

Helen Doyle, B.Sc., C.P.H.I.(C),

Environmental Health Workgroup Chair, Ontario Public Health Association

Nicole Arsenault

Program Director, Sustainability at York University