RAIN: Services for municipalities

Windfall Centre offers local governments a range of services that will attract attention, communicate the benefits of green stormwater infrastructure and motivate action to manage rain where it falls. These services have been developed, tested and refined to help meet real stormwater management goals.

Community outreach and media

  • Booths at community events to engage directly with the public
  • Presentations to community groups and potential partners
  • How-to workshops and training (rain gardens, pet waste composters, rain harvesting, dry basements, etc.)
  • High profile events like Depave Paradise, where volunteers tear up unused pavement and liberate the soil". Check out photos from a recent Depave event at Unity Christian High SChool in Barrie. 

Stormwater Demonstration projects

  • Projects that showcase stormwater innovations at highly visible community locations, developed in partnership with community groups, businesses, and public institutions

Site specific advice and services

  • Review site specific concerns with property owners
  • Familiarize owners with path of runoff and potential problem areas
  • Make recommendations for keeping basements dry
  • Outline infiltration landscaping and rainwater harvesting opportunities
  • Provide a detailed written report with links to further resources and contractors

Services provided

  • Downspout Disconnect (includes capping, elbow & 8' ext.)


  • Additional downspouts at single home
  • Eavestrough repair and realignment
  • 200L Rainbarrel
  • 500L Rainbarrel (includes diverter)
  • Diverter
  • Drip hose and 2-way tap connector
  • Rainbarrel stand
  • Regrading/landscaping modifications

Neighbourhood action planning

  • A series of meetings and other engagement activities in a neighbourhood that has experienced repeated flooding
  • Collaborative development of a neighbourhood action plan

Homeowner surveys

  • Survey homeowners to determine attitudes, behaviors, barriers and opportunities concerning stormwater, flooding and runoff management

Market development

  • Train designers, suppliers and contractors to improve availability of related products and services such as installation of cisterns, rain gardens, bioswales, infiltration galleries, and permeable paving
  • Develop a qualified, RAIN-certified contractor referral list

RAIN: Benefits for municipalities

Big changes are coming in the way stormwater is managed. By using proven effective green stormwater infrastructure you can reduce the burden on aging infrastructure. Windfall Centre can help you accelerate implementation of green infrastructure in your community by helping with community buy-in.

Managing rain where it falls

  • Meet provincial guidelines
  • Save money on new infrastructure and ongoing maintenance
  • Reduce strain on aging infrastructure
  • Reduce stormwater volume and associated flood risk
  • Improve water quality and keep beaches open
  • Replenish aquifers
  • Beautification
  • Reduce urban heat island effect

Community buy-in

  • Greater understanding of stormwater challenges
  • Public support for practical, cost effective solutions
  • Private property owners take action to reduce volumes
  • Community organization volunteer spaces for demonstration projects
  • Increased uptake on related municipal programs (subsidies for sanitary sewer backflow prevention, etc.)

Windfall Ecology Centre

  • Experts in community engagement
  • Years delivering effective, award winning programs
  • Fun, engaging, resourceful, innovative
  • Partnership driven, collaborative
  • Professional and results-oriented
  • Able to leverage funding from other sources

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