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Stormwater Problems

Rather than being absorbed into the ground, more than half the rainfall is now becoming stormwater runoff

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Stormwater Solutions

Managing rain where it falls, with modern green infrastructure, is a much wiser approach to stormwater

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Help for Homeowners

Get advice from a trained RAIN Guide and learn how to manage stormwater on your property

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Latest Updates

Free RAIN Home Visits

On-site stormwater consultation

Free complimentary rain barrel

Residents in Newmarket, Aurora and Barrie may be eligible for a FREE RAIN Home Visit and a complimentary rain barrel.

Windfall RAIN Home Visits

Rain Garden Contest

We have a winner

They have a new rain garden

We have a winner in our Rain Garden Contest and our winner has a new Rain Garden in their front yard. Check out the winning submission and follow along with the transformation of their front yard.

Winning a Rain Garden

From parking lot to paradise

Depaving in Barrie

Unity Christian High School does a green makeover

Barrie's Unity Christian High School will be a lot greener in the following months thanks to joint efforts by students, teachers and the community who participated in a Depave event on April 22, 2016.

Depaving in Barrie

Capturing rainfall in Vancouver

Highest standard in Canada

The City of Vancouver is considering a target to capture 90% of average rainfall by green infrastructure on public and private property throughout the City. If this goes ahead it will be the highest standard in Canada.

Vancouver rainwater plan

Cost of flood insurance going up

Extreme weather due to climate change causing rate hikes

In the summer of 2013, the Greater Toronto Area received five inches of water in a day (as much as the city would normally receive in the entire month, and then some). Five thousand residential basements were flooded.

Flood insurance article