Windfall RAIN Home Visits

Learn how to solve stormwater problems on your property

Our RAIN Home Visit service builds on Windfall Ecology Centre's extensive experience with Home Energy Audits, Energy Efficiency Retrofits, Solar Energy Installations, and Private Well assessments (Well Aware).

Protect your home from water damage

As a property owner, you want to protect your most valuable asset — your home — from water damage. Flood damage and water infiltration can cost a lot of money and are not often covered by insurance.

Residential water problems can often result from how rain and storm water are managed on a property. So when it rains, where does the water go?

On-site advice on how to prevent floods

A RAIN Home Visit is a great opportunity for residents to get one-on-one advice from a trained RAIN Guide and learn about where the water goes on their property.

During a RAIN Home Visit, a RAIN Guide will assist homeowners in identifying stormwater concerns on their property, suggest possible solutions, and confirm best practices in managing water runoff.

Through a RAIN Home Visit, you will learn how to:

  • Manage stormwater runoff on your property
  • Reduce the risk of flood damage and infiltration to your home
  • Collect rainwater for your lawn and gardens
  • Protect our local streams and lakes from non-point source pollution

Each RAIN Home Visit begins by following the path of runoff on a property, starting with the roof, eaves troughs and downspouts.

A RAIN Guide will then look for existing and potential issues affecting the property, such as grading and slope concerns, paved areas, storm sewer grates and planted areas.

Protect against basement flooding

Basement flooding is usually a top concern for homeowners, so a RAIN Guide will look at issues that can commonly effect basements, including foundation walls, window wells, floor drains, and sump pumps.

A modern and sustainable approach to stormwater

A RAIN Home Visit is more than just pointing out problems, we focus on modern and sustainable solutions to stormwater management and flood prevention. Contact Windfall today to arrange for a RAIN Home Visit and one of our trained RAIN Guides will discuss how to address the unique stormwater needs of both yourself and your property.

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RAIN Home Visits

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The cost for a walk thru RAIN Home Visit is $200 plus HST

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