About Windfall Ecology Centre

Who We Are

Windfall Ecology Centre was founded in 1998 by Brent Kopperson as a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to building sustainable communities. The creation of Windfall was inspired by a vision of healthy communities, where economic, social, and environmental needs achieve balance through social innovation, community partnership, and community action. The Centre's activities focus on empowering communities to create holistic prosperity in a carbon-constrained 21st century.

Working at the nexus of energy, water, food, and people, we research, design, and deliver innovative climate change solutions. Our record of accomplishment includes achievements in public policy and education, energy conservation, renewable energy, electric mobility, water protection, and youth leadership development.

What We Do

Energy Efficiency

Conservation is the cornerstone of sustainability. With Windfall Centre you receive independent advice from a non-profit organization. Starting with simple energy saving tips that can be done over a few weekends at little cost, to guiding you through the government home retrofit incentive programs, Windfall will be your trusted partner along the path of sustainability.

Energy Efficiency


While your life may demand a great amount of driving, you can still reduce your fuel-use, improve your driving habits and save on gas money by adopting better driving habits. Our transportation programs are dedicated to teaching drivers how to drive efficiently, properly maintain their vehicles, save money and minimize driving altogether through public transit and car pooling and electric vehicles.

Drive Electric

Water Protection

Fresh water is a renewable resource, yet the world's supply of clean, fresh water is steadily decreasing. From the shores of our great lakes to our common ground water supply we are all dependant on this essential element. Windfall's storm water protection and water stewardship programs offer residents of the Lake Simcoe watershed invaluable education resources and creative solutions for the conservation and protection of out common water supplies.

RAIN: Storm Water Management


Windfall Centre has a long track record of success working with all levels of government to design, develop, implement and administer environmental initiatives. We continue to help shape public policy, as well as deliver education and conservation programs throughout Ontario. At the provincial level, Windfall Ecology Centre provides technical support and services for community based renewable energy projects and we were key advisors in the creation of the Ontario Green Energy Act and the Lake Simcoe Protection Act.


REpower Ontario integrates and covers all the basics of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and water conservation into an applied learning program. REpower Ontario prepares participants for job readiness and career development in the green economy and facilitates the placement of successful participants in a range of possible alternatives: including advanced training, co-op, apprenticeships, self employment or full/part-time employment.

Sustainability Planning

Modern organizations want to make the right choices when it comes to the environment and understand that what is good for the environment is often good for the bottom line. At Windfall Centre, we help businesses, municipalities and community groups create sustainability plans that are based on the best science and management thinking available.

Windfall Ecology Centre is located on the traditional territories of the Wendat, Haudeno-saunee, and the Anishinaabe peoples and the treaty land of the Williams Treaties First Nations and other Indigenous peoples whose presence here continues to this day. We thank them for sharing this land with us.

We acknowledge the contributions and historic importance of Indigenous people to this place and our collective commitment to make the promise and the challenge of Truth and Reconciliation real in our community.