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Who is a Registered Energy Advisor?

A Registered Energy Advisor (REA) is an expert in home energy efficiency and Building Science who helps homeowners make informed decisions about energy upgrades and retrofits. REAs are registered by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) to deliver the EnerGuide Rating System (ERS) for new homes and existing homes.

Registered Energy Advisors are in high demand across Canada and for over 20 years Windfall Centre, in association with Green Communities Canada, has consistently provided both jobs and the required training platforms to equip all our Registered Energy Advisors and foster their career development.

A career as a Registered Energy Advisor is a professional position with unprecedented room for growth. As a Registered Energy Advisor you will have the option of working directly for Windfall Centre, or working for yourself as a subcontractor with your evaluation jobs and support provided by Windfall.

Registered Energy Advisors are playing a key role in Canada's climate action initiatives

What is a Registered Energy Advisor?

Registered Energy Advisors use their expertise in combination with energy modelling software to help building professionals, homeowners, and those considering a house purchase, to make better informed decisions on choosing energy-saving upgrades and retrofits. An EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation performed by a Natural Resources Canada Registered Energy Advisor will provide the client with a clear understanding of the building's energy efficiency and where energy-saving improvements can be made.

Energy efficiency experts for the housing industry

Energy Advisors must be registered by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) to deliver the EnerGuide Rating System for new and existing homes. They are trained to use NRCan's energy simulation software HOT2000, perform blower door air leakage testing, and acquire strong knowledge of building codes and standards as well as the energy performance of a variety of building materials.

To get accreditation Registered Energy Advisors must pass a minimum of two exams, administered by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), and undergo a rigorous training and mentoring program before being able to submit house files and perform on site evaluations.

Energy Advisors submit their EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluations to Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) through a Licensed Service Organization, such as Windfall. Licensed Service Organizations train energy advisors, administer the service according to established procedures, provide field supervision and collate data from the Home Energy Evaluations performed by their energy advisors.

What do Energy Advisors do?

Registered Energy Advisors perform an EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation on-site at the client's house. The initial (pre-upgrade) evaluation takes approximately 2–3 hours. A second (post-upgrade) evaluation takes up to 1 hour.

The Energy Advisor will conduct a basement-to-attic assessment of a house's insulation, heating, cooling, and other energy use.

A blower door test is conducted to test for air leaks, which can cause wasted energy, uncomfortable drafts and poor air quality.

The house will be given an energy rating using the Natural Resources Canada rating system.

A full report, outlining recommendations for improvements to help reduce energy use and increase the home's comfort, is issued to the client.

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) energy simulation software and a blower door are used to identify air leaks and the source of drafts in a home

How to become a Registered Energy Advisor


Be sure a career as a Registered Energy Advisor is right for you

Strong Energy Advisor candidates are people who:

  • Have a background in building science, the construction trades, sustainable construction practices, and/or related fields;
  • Are good listeners, communicators, and problem solvers;
  • Have highly proficient computer skills, with experience using Windows-based software, e-mail, and Microsoft Office.

Complete NRCan Foundation Exam

This is Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) entry exam that tests your knowledge of housing, renovations, upgrades, energy systems, and more.

The exam can be written online or at a local college exam centre. Candidates can register on Natural Resources Canada's Exam Site.

We will supply resources to support your preparation. For candidates with less related experience, there are a number of third-party exam preparation courses you can take.


Complete the class room training

Class room training can be attended on-line or in-person. We can work with you to find the best solution for your particular situation. The training generally takes about four days and covers the following modules:

  • Introduction to the EnerGuide Rating System;
  • Understanding air quality, ventilation & combustion spillage;
  • Blower door testing;
  • Pre-evaluation preparation and consultation;
  • Conducting EnerGuide audits;
  • Modelling houses with HOT2000;
  • Developing upgrade recommendations;
  • EnerGuide reporting, quality assurance, and file processing.

Complete the field training and mentorship

Field training provides on-the-job training along with hands-on mentorship. Field training is normally completed over the course of six days, where you will be completing practice Home Energy Evaluations under the direct mentorship of your trainer.


Complete the NRCan Energy Advisor Exam

The final step toward becoming a Registered Energy Advisor is to complete the Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Energy Advisor Exam. This exam tests your knowledge of the EnerGuide Rating System, technical procedures, HOT2000 computer software, quality assurance, and administrative procedures.

The exam can be written online and or at a local college exam centre. Candidates can register on NRCan's Exam Site.


Employment with Windfall Centre

Once you pass your final exam and are registered with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), you can begin your career as a Natural Resources Canada Registered Energy Advisor. We will work with you to help you find the best path for you in our organization whether that is as a self-employed sub contractor, a direct employee of Windfall, or a hybrid approach.

At Windfall we want to see you succeed in your new career and will work with each step of the way to ensure that success. We understand the barriers some may face as they embark on a new career as a Registered Energy Advisor and will actively seek solutions to overcome any barriers you may encounter.

Windfall has multiple positions available for Registered Energy Advisors.

Training opportunities are available.

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