A Webinar Series for Commercial Building Tenants

How reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions benefits your business

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When it comes to climate-friendly practices, York Region buildings are underperforming their provincial counterparts. In light of this, business tenants in commercial buildings have a role to play in overturning this lacklustre performance by taking action on climate change; and in turn, receive recognition for their efforts. As a business tenant, you can achieve this by acquiring information on your options and entering into collaborative working relationships with your landlord and co-business tenants.

The ClimateWise Building Challenge webinar series How reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions benefits your business will provide your business with the tools and intelligence to take the needed action on climate change.

This webinar series will give you the ability to generate benefits for your business as you become part of a community movement to take action on climate change.

Webinar 5

This webinar was held on October 19, 2022

Recognizing How Tenants Contribute to Sustainability of their Buildings

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ENERGY STAR Tenant Space is recognition for sustainability efforts in leased office spaces. Energy-efficient office spaces can lead to lower utility bills and fewer greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere. In this webinar, you will learn how to get your tenant space recognized. As part of the recognition process, this webinar will also discuss the principles found in BOMA Canada's 2021 Circular Economy Guide for Commercial Real Estate.

Important topics that will be discussed include:

  • How your business can participate as a commercial business tenant.
  • The value of recognition to your customers and suppliers.
  • The importance of the Circular Economy practices for your building tenants.


Jani Loots

Jani Loots

Jani Loots, M.Arch., CC-P, Senior Director, Sustainability and Technical Programs, BOMA Canada, will walk us through the BOMA Canada Circular Economy Guide. This guide is a first step in helping their member firms begin their journey towards adopting circular economic practices in their assets. To that end, BOMA will continue to work with the commercial real estate industry, various levels of government, academics, and other key stakeholders to ensure that this work is as meaningful as possible to accelerate the transition towards a Circular Economy.

Webinar 4

This webinar was held on June 1, 2022

Better Understand your Energy Consumption and What is Driving your Energy Use

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When it comes to energy performance, building owners and tenants have similar building goals; both want to save money, be recognized for corporate responsibility efforts, engage stakeholders and have transparent access to energy consumption. Submetering provides a single solution for all of these needs.

This webinar will inform you why submetering tenant spaces is a priority for both tenants and landlords. Important topics that will be discussed include:

  • Make Tenant Billing Accurate And Effortless
  • Identify Sustainability Project's ROI with Measurement and Verification


Daniel Jung

Daniel Jung

Daniel Jung is the Director of Commercial Services for Metergy Solutions, one of Canada's most experienced submetering companies providing turnkey solutions for over 15 years. Daniel has more than 14 years of experience in the engineering field and has expertise in developing submetering solutions for commercial real estate clients. His previous roles with a smart building OT company and an energy consulting firm give him a unique perspective on the challenges faced by (and opportunities available to) commercial tenants, property managers, and building owners.

Ephram Spiegelman

Ephram Spiegelman

A dedicated and seasoned executive whose people, process, and systems instincts have always proven astute and timely, Ephram is the Chief Revenue Officer for Carma Corp - a multi-national, full-service submetering, billing and energy management service provider. Ephram has had the privilege of working on, building and enhancing lacklustre teams, and reconstituting strategic and operational fundamentals on the fly. Continuously work towards forging marketplace trust through the ability to build solid and meaningful relationships and follow through with team and customer commitments. Promoting a true team spirit within a large group of sales and marketing professionals has proven to be a critical success indicator. The businesses Ephram gets involved with tend to improve through sales and operational efficiencies. Managing expectations and leading by example are fundamental to how he conducts himself.

Webinar 3

This webinar was held on May 4, 2022

Green Leases: How to Achieve Cost Savings and Sustainability Goals

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This webinar will present how innovative Green Leases can create win-win agreements for building owners and business tenants to benefit from environmentally friendly upgrades and behaviours. Green leases balance costs and benefits of investments in sustainability to ensure both parties get the savings back based on their investment while taking action on climate change.

Important topics that will be discussed include;

  • The problems with gross and triple net leases
  • How to negotiate a green lease with your landlord
  • How to engage staff to save $$ and build a culture of sustainability
  • Assess if a green lease is right for your business


Michael Brooks

Michael is the Chief Executive Officer of REALPAC, the senior Canadian trade association for large public, private and institutional investment real estate companies. He has represented the Canadian Real Estate industry in all major policy initiatives with governments at all three levels, including property tax reform, securities legislation, income tax issues, sustainability and ESG, land use planning and regulation, and many other issues since 1997. Michael is also the Author and Editor of the Canadian textbook "Canadian Commercial Real Estate: Theory, Practice, Strategy."

Emily Nield

Emily Nield is an integral member of the Sustainability Department at Epic Investment Services, where she works as the manager of ESG & Sustainability. Emily started her career as a planetary geologist, where she studied the surface of planets and moons in our solar system. During her tenure with NASA, she could no longer ignore the problems on Earth and decided to switch careers and focus on sustainability. Emily achieved her MBA from the Schulich School of Business, where she specialized in sustainability and has been with Epic since 2019.

Webinar 2

This webinar was held on April 6, 2022

Why Building Tenants Should be Thinking about Climate Risk

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Our second webinar informs commercial building tenants (SMEs) on mitigating their cost and supply risks by being more climate knowledgeable. In 2021 the City of Toronto advanced three big moves to decarbonize buildings in our City, including existing buildings, future construction, and the City's portfolio. These initiatives are an introduction to what other municipalities will be doing soon.

What do these initiatives mean to the broader real estate industry and their commercial building tenants in the months and years ahead? At the webinar, Richard Joy, the Executive Director of Urban Land Institute (ULI) Toronto, will speak to a video clip from the ULI's - Decarbonizing Toronto webinar held on January 12. In this, you will learn more about Net-zero Existing Buildings Strategy from Stewart Dutfield, Acting Manager at the City of Toronto and former Program Manager, Public Energy Initiatives - Existing Building, Home Energy Loan Program (HELP).

Carol Aziz of the Climate Risk Institute will speak on climate resiliency. What commercial building tenants need to know, specifically;

  • What are the impacts of pending local/global policy and regulation?
  • How does climate change affect your business building operations, supply chains and required disclosures?
  • How to develop a climate risk action plan as a tenant in a commercial building.


Carol Aziz

Carol Aziz

Carol is a Project Director with the Climate Risk Institute. She has 25 years of consulting experience directing an array of environmental and climate risk projects. At CRI, Carol is focused on delivering climate and engineering risk assessment projects, overseeing and conducting climate change training, supporting TCFD disclosures, and fostering private sector partnerships. Dr. Aziz holds a Ph.D. in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. She is certified by GARP in Sustainability and Climate Risk and was trained as a climate communicator through The Climate Reality Project.

Richard Joy

Richard Joy

Richard Joy is the Executive Director of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Toronto. Prior to joining ULI, he served as the Vice President Policy and Government Relations at the Toronto Region Board of Trade as Vice President, Policy and Government Relations.

Webinar 1

This webinar was held on March 2, 2022

A Roadmap to Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction - Benefits for Your Business

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The first in this series will guide you in an understanding on the influences and trends that will impact your business operations.

Important topics to be discussed in the webinar will give you insight into the following;

  • how to collaborate with your landlords to achieve low carbon workplace
  • how to modernize your lease arrangements
  • an introduction to best practices related to energy efficient equipment
  • current employee engagement practices that build a culture of sustainability in your organization


Harry French

Harry, Program Manager for ClimateWise Business Network at Windfall Centre, specializes in facilitating collaborative solutions to enhance community well-being and improve business productivity. He prides himself on his unwavering determination to drive climate change and environmental reform through strategic efforts that guide businesses on adopting sustainability solutions. Harry draws from a wealth of experiences in public, private and not-for-profit sectors. His enviable track record also comprises past job roles as an Assistant Deputy Minister in the Ontario government and Vice President of Planning at the York Region-based national consulting firm Marshall Macklin Monaghan.

Audrey Bayens

Audrey is the Program Coordinator for the ClimateWise Building Challenge at Windfall Centre. She is a brilliant sustainability marketing professional with years of remarkable experience and skills leading team projects in a fast-paced environment. Her overall expertise has seen her make tremendous strides in managing projects and executing her duties, focusing on data-led messaging to the Windfall team. She acquired her Greenhouse Gas Inventory Accounting Certification through the CSA Group and is presently finalizing her NRCan Registered Energy Advisor certification.

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