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Windfall Home Energy is a Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN) licensed service provider with NRCAN Registered Energy Advisors conducting your home energy evaluation.

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  • The cost of the initial (pre-upgrade) evaluation is $400 plus HST
  • The cost of a follow-up (post-upgrade) evaluation is $200 plus HST


If you are eligible for an incentive program, the program may refund, in full or in part, the cost of both the pre and post evaluations as part of your incentive cheque. Ask the Home Energy Experts at Windfall Home Energy for details.

What to Expect During a Home Energy Evaluation

The energy evaluation is conducted on-site at your home. The initial (pre-upgrade) evaluation takes approximately 2–3 hours. A second (post-upgrade) evaluation takes up to 1 hour.

The energy advisor will conduct a basement-to-attic assessment of your home's insulation, heating, cooling, and other energy use.

A blower door test will be conducted to test for air leaks, which can cause wasted energy, uncomfortable drafts and poor air quality.

Your home will be given an energy rating using the Natural Resources Canada rating system — the lower the rating the better.

You will receive a full report outlining recommendations for improvements to help reduce your energy bills and increase your home's comfort.