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Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate


Home Energy Conservation Program is now the Home Efficiency Rebate

Important Program Update

May 1, 2019

Q: Are there still incentives in 2019?

A: Yes, incentives continue in 2019 for Enbridge Gas Customers who are undertaking energy upgrades. As of May 1, 2019, customers who complete a minimum of two qualifying upgrades can receive rebates of up to $5000. Remember, in order to qualify a pre-energy audit must be completed prior to any upgrades!

Important Program Update

November 1, 2018

Q: What is changing with the energy efficiency programs for homes offered by Enbridge Gas?

A: Homeowners who heat their homes with propane, oil, wood or electricity will no longer be able to participate in the Home Energy Conservation offered by Enbridge Gas after October 31st, 2018. In addition, rebates for electric appliances (fridge, freezer, dehumidifier, window air conditioner, washing machine) will also be discontinued through these programs.

Homeowners can still independently apply for the furnace electrically commutated motors and, central air conditioners rebates through the Save on Energy Heating & Cooling program. Please visit to learn more.

Q: When do these changes take effect?

A: The collaboration with the Government of Ontario and Save on Energy will end as of October 31st, 2018. This will affect homeowners living in the Enbridge Gas service territory who heat their home with propane, oil, wood or electricity. On November 1st, 2018, the Home Energy Conservation Program (now the Home Efficiency Rebate) will only be available to homeowners who:

  • Live in a detached house, semi-detached house or row townhouse.
  • The residence must be heated by natural gas
  • The residence must be in the Enbridge Gas Franchise Service Area.
  • You must complete an energy assessment both before and after renovations take place.
  • You must complete at least two (2) eligible renovations/upgrades.

Q: I heat with propane, oil, wood or electricity and completed my pre-renovation energy assessment prior to October 31st, 2018, will I still qualify for the enhanced rebates?

A: Yes, you will be eligible for all enhanced rebates if you meet the following deadlines:

  • You must have completed your pre-renovation energy assessment on or before October 31st, 2018
  • You must have your post-renovation energy assessment completed within 120 days of the pre-renovation assessment or no later than February 28th, 2019.
  • Your Energy Auditor must submit your Home Energy Conservation application to Enbridge Gas by March 31st, 2019.

Q: Why is the IESO ending the Whole Home Pilot?

A: The Whole Home pilot was a joint effort to investigate the feasibility of an integrated electricity and natural gas efficiency program for residential customers. While there were many positive takeaways, the pilot program did not achieve the level of cost-effectiveness required to be turned into a persisting program offering. Cost-effectiveness tests are in place to ensure that ratepayer dollars are spent prudently.

As such, new customer enrollments for electrically-heated homes and electricity saving measures will be ending across the province in the coming weeks. As the Pilot winds down, the IESO will review the outcomes to identify opportunities to improve any future joint offering. In the meantime, there are still a number of options available to electrically-heated customers through the Heating and Cooling program – such as incentives for A/C, smart thermostats and heat pumps.


General Program Overview

Q: How many upgrades do I need to do to get my incentive?

A: You must install at least two (2) of the recommended upgrades in order to qualify for an incentive.

Q: I live in a condo – can I participate?

A: The program is not currently open to homeowners residing in a multi-residential building. The program is open to participants who own their own home, the home is a detached, semi-detached, or row townhouse.

Q: Do the recommended upgrades need to be done by a contractor?

A: It is at the homeowners’ discretion that they choose to install the upgrades. Upgrades such as air sealing, and draft proofing can be done by the homeowner – but upgrades such as furnace or boiler replacement needs to be installed by a licensed HVAC Contractor.

To learn more about what Air Sealing is view the following links:


Energy Evaluation (Audit, Assessment)

Q: How long will the energy assessment process take in my home?

A: The energy assessment process usually takes about 1.5 – 2 hours for the pre-assessment, and roughly an hour for the post-assessment.

Q: Is there a cost to having the home energy assessment?

A: Yes, there is a fee that the homeowner is required to pay at the time of both energy assessments, however, upon completion of the program, Enbridge will provide reimbursement to the homeowner in part/or full. A number of Certified Energy Audit Companies are qualified to deliver the Home Energy Conservation Program (now the Home Efficiency Rebate). As part of your pre-energy assessment, you will receive an EnerGuide rating and fully energy report of your home, and an EnerGuide label with your final energy rating will sent to you after your final assessment(illustrating the improvement in your home). Each company provides the same customer experience, and each Energy Advisor is certified to deliver energy assessments under Natural Resources Canada. Please note that the cost of the home energy assessments may vary amongst the Service Organizations.

When you fulfill the criteria required of the Home Energy Conservation Program (now the Home Efficiency Rebate), you will have full access to all the available incentives.

Q: What should I expect at my pre-assessment appointment?

A: The Registered Energy Advisor will conduct a basement-to-attic assessment of your home’s insulation, heating and cooling systems and other energy use. A blower door test will be conducted to see if your home has air leakage, which can cause wasted energy, uncomfortable drafts and poor air quality. Your home will be given an energy rating using the Natural Resources Canada home evaluation – the higher the rating the better. You’ll then receive a report outlining recommendations for improvements (called retrofits) to help reduce your energy bills and increase home comfort.

Please visit: to learn what is involved in completing a home energy assessment.

Q: Why do I have to use a Registered Energy Advisor?

A: As part of the Home Energy Conservation Program (now the Home Efficiency Rebate), homeowners are required to use an Enbridge approved Registered Service Organization of their choice to conduct the pre and post assessments. The same service organization should perform both the pre and post assessment. The Registered Energy Advisor can help you to:

  • Prioritize your upgrades to get the maximum incentive available
  • Help you understand the payback period for the upgrades being considered
  • Reduce air leaks and identify why your house is cold in the winter and hot in the summer
  • Understand your home’s envelope and determine if additional “controlled” air flow is required
  • Determine if energy upgrades were installed as per recommendations

Q: Where can I learn more about Save on Energy?

A: For more information on additional energy efficiency rebates as well as helpful tips on saving energy at home or at work visit


Incentive Payment

Q: How long does it take to receive my incentive cheque?

A: Upon receiving your final home energy assessment information, Enbridge will facilitate payment within 6-8 weeks. For natural gas customers, the Home Energy Conservation rebate is initially posted on your bill as a credit and the rebate cheque is then issued the following business day after your billing cycle/date. If you have noticed the credit on your bill, your payment will be in the form of a cheque within 1-2 business days.



Q: Will any of my personal information be shared when I participate in the Program?

A: Any and all personal information you provide through registering online at or through the pre- energy assessment will be kept confidential between Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc., the Service Organization performing the energy assessment, the Independent Electricity System Operator, the Ministry of Environment and Brickworks Communications. The personal information that we collect from you is always limited to the purposes that we have identified to you. Participants contact information may also be shared with the IESO, the Ministry or a customer’s Local Distribution Company so that they can contact participants about related programs, and for reporting on the Program, facilitating follow-up surveys, conducting studies, assessments, evaluations or other verifications related to the Program, and for other purposes as permitted by privacy laws.