York Region Business Taking Action on Climate Change

ClimateWise Step by Step


Assemble your Green Team and review your welcome package. Meet with the ClimateWise Team for an in-depth introduction session.


You will have the option of attending numerous events throughout the year focused on connecting members with each other as well as business sustainability experts. These events are an opportunity for members to connect, network, discuss, learn and advise in a collaborative setting.


The ClimateWise Team will work with your organization to help you establish your emissions inventory from different areas of your business. Your organization will receive training and support in using the modern and user friendly carbon accounting tools provided by ClimateWise as part of your membership.


Once your emissions inventory is in place and you are measuring your emission output, the ClimateWise Team can work with you to identify achievable and meaningful emission reduction targets. If needed, we can assist you in developing the business-case for the measures required to achieve your sustainability goals.


Using the carbon accounting tools provided with your ClimateWise membership, you will always have an accurate measurement of your current state and progress. Over time you will likely identify areas that need attention or adjustment. You may be very surprised at what you discover in terms of cost, expenditures, emissions and waste.


Carbon emissions reporting is an essential component of any carbon reduction program and is required by law in a growing number of areas. It is certain to become a supply-chain requirement for many organizations. Reporting allows your organization to gain maximum value out of your carbon reduction achievements by being both credible and verifiable.


At the end of each reporting year, coinciding with the release of our year-end report, ClimateWise will celebrate the achievements of our members by hosting an annual Evening of Recognition. This gala event, attended by a cross section of people from the community, will focus attention on the emissions reduction accomplishments of our members.

Member Services and Fees


An Emissions Reduction Framework that is straight forward and easy to understand.


Ensuring the program is accessible to as many organizations as possible.


Establishing meaningful and verifiable Greenhouse Gas reductions.

Reap the benefits of a sustainable business model:

  • Cost savings
  • Improved bottom-line
  • Risk mitigation
  • Marketplace credibility with consumers, shareholders, current and potential employees