York Region Business Taking Action on Climate Change

About ClimateWise Business Network

Network of leading businesses and organizations

A program of Windfall Ecology Centre, ClimateWise is a network of leading businesses and organizations operating in and around York Region Ontario who are setting and achieving sustainability goals.

Network members are supported with training, a cloud-based carbon accounting platform, expert plan review, and a comprehensive event season focused on connecting members with the expertise and collaborative learning opportunities necessary to move their organisations toward more sustainable operations.

The ClimateWise event season culminates in a gala evening of recognition to acknowledge the accomplishments of our members.

Successful and proven program

Inspired by the highly successful Sustainable Waterloo Region program, which has been operating since 2009, Windfall Centre established ClimateWise Business Network in partnership with Green Economy Canada. ClimateWise is one of a number of Green Economy Canada hubs that have launched or are working to launch a target-based sustainability program for businesses in their community.

Proving the business-case for sustainability

Together, with our business and institutional members, their employees, and supporting partners, ClimateWise builds the business-case for sustainability by demonstrating how reducing emissions can improve the bottom line, mitigate business risks, help develop a credible brand, and improve the ability to attract and retain consumers, shareholders, and top tier employees.

Why Go Sustainable

Green Economy Canada

ClimateWise Business Network is one of 7 Green Economy Hubs across Ontario supporting networks of businesses to set and achieve sustainability targets. Together, we're demonstrating a more sustainable economy is possible.

Our Supporters:

Green Economy Canada KPMG TD Bank the co-operators