York Region Business Taking Action on Climate Change

ClimateWise Benefits

Overcoming sustainability obstacles

Unfortunately, many in business and other organizations find the prospect of carrying out carbon measuring and reporting to be a rather daunting task. The cost of a premium carbon accounting program can seem prohibitive and the learning-curve and expense of hiring consultants beyond their means. ClimateWise Business Network was created to overcome these obstacles and get your business up and running quickly and efficiently in setting and achieving your emissions reduction target.

Local business network with Ontario wide partners

When you join ClimateWise you become part of a local network of like minded businesses, which is part of a larger network of Ontario wide businesses, and as a group we are at the forefront of a much larger worldwide movement towards emission reductions, business sustainability, cost-saving efficiency, and improved profitability.

Premium tools

We are a member of Green Economy Canada which is able to pool resources across it's Ontario wide network. For example, a premium carbon accounting tool comes with your ClimateWise membership at no extra cost — that in itself is a huge cost savings and advantage. Once you join ClimateWise we will soon have your Green Team up and going with modern and user friendly carbon accounting tools.

Experienced help

The ClimateWise team from Windfall Ecology Centre have years of experience in business, environmental management, energy efficiency and renewable energy. We want you to succeed in your sustainability goals and can help guide you along the way when required.

Collaborative learning and networking opportunities

As part of your membership you are invited to join us at numerous events throughout the year. These events not only offer great learning opportunities, but also the opportunity to connect, confer, network and collaborate with other ClimateWise members and sustainability experts.

Wealth of knowledge

When you join ClimateWise you also connect with the wealth of knowledge and experience your fellow ClimateWise members bring to the table. As part of Green Economy Canada we have the added luxury of drawing from their proven and extensive knowledge base and experience. Over one hundred organizations are currently leading similar programs across Ontario.

Credible green branding

Avoid charges of green washing. ClimateWise members adhere to a comprehensive emission reductions framework based on the global standard Green House Gas Protocol. This ensures your sustainability claims are meaningful, credible and even verifiable if you so choose.

ClimateWise Reduction Framework

By achieving your sustainability goal in-house... Your organization retains it's acquired knowledge and experience as you move forward into the future.

ClimateWise Business Network was created to overcome cost and learning-curve obstacles and get your business up and running quickly and efficiently in setting and achieving your emissions reduction target.